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 01.11.2019, 15:12

Living in Nyon: Foreign Graves and Fippu in Bern – Fun Swiss Facts

Catherine Nelson Pollard est arrivée à Nyon il y a presque 20 ans. Elle y a lancé un blog et y raconte, en anglais, les beautés de la région.

Chronique La blogueuse Catherine Nelson Pollard nous parle de faits drôles à propos de la Suisse qu'elle a trouvé dans un ouvrage.

There is a little book in my bookcase called “Swisscellany” — a treasure trove of serious and not so serious facts about Switzerland. Written by Diccon Bewes, it was published a few years ago so some of the statistics will have changed. The facts I imagine remain the same. For example, some of the shortest place names in the country are Au and...

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