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29.10.2020Guided tour - A Matter of Affinity Love and Sexuality in the 18th Century

Guided tour - A Matter of Affinity Love and Sexuality in the 18th Century
Visite guidée de notre exposition temporaire en anglais.

Today sexuality, either overt or implied, is omnipresent in the endless flow of images transported by the media and the entertainment business. “Sex sells!” the marketing specialists all tell us. And yet: hasn’t sexuality always been about dreams and fantasies? Above and beyond the act of procreation, it is now – fortunately – accepted in the West that the pursuit of pleasure should be founded on mutual consent and full awareness. But how did things look back in the 18th century? Where were the barriers of censorship, and where was the dividing line between acceptable and punishable? Were people able to choose their partner, or partners?


Dates de la manifestationLe 29.10.2020
Catégorie Visites - Excursions - Attractions
Pays Suisse
Canton District de Nyon
Ville1197 Prangins
Lieu Château de Prangins - Musée national suisse
Adresse Avenue Général Guiguer 3
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