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La chronique anglophone: Bagging Bargains

La nyonnaise Catherine Nelson-Pollard, qui tient le blog Living in Nyon, revient, en anglais, sur les (pas si) bonnes affaires.

04 janv. 2019, 14:12
Catherine Nelson Pollard, blogueuse.

As the Three Kings carry their rather expensive gifts of gold, myrrh and incense, through Nyon this Sunday, they will parade past all the shops with some slightly less expensive products on offer. It’s January, so it’s sales time. Discounts are everywhere. Clothes shops in particular, are clearing old stock, just in time for their spring collection to hit the racks at the first snowfall.

I like a good discount as much as everyone but am not always on the ball with the bargains. Particularly with the vouchers received in the mail - the ones that arrive despite the “pas de pub” notice on the box. I save these “bons” and store them in a drawer but inevitably the “offres imbattables” beat me. It’s the small print that lets me down. By the time I pull out the coupons they are invariably long past their expiry date. That’s when the...

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