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La chronique anglophone: positive images from 2018

La blogueuse Catherine Nelson Pollard nous parle de ses résolutions pour l'année à venir.

28 déc. 2018, 15:19
Catherine Nelson Pollard, blogueuse.

It’s that time of year when newspapers round up the past twelve months with the main stories that made the headlines that year. This summary usually comes with weather related facts and figures. The sunniest day of the year, the coldest; who could forget that bitter wind in March nicknamed the “Beast from the East”; or conversely, the really high temperatures that we experienced in the long, hot dry summer? I certainly haven’t forgotten. There were days in August when it was so hot, the only place one could cool down, in Nyon at least, was actually in the waters of the lake.

So, here we are in the last few days of December and I am currently browsing through my photos of 2018 to remind me of the year gone by. In doing so, I realise I have taken far too many of similar subjects. In these digital days...

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