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Living in Nyon: bonjour 2020

La blogueuse, Catherine Nelson Pollard, parle de la fin de la décennie.

27 déc. 2019, 15:00
Catherine Nelson Pollard est arrivée à Nyon il y a presque 20 ans. Elle y a lancé un blog et y raconte, en anglais, les beautés de la région.

«Well my goodness me, where did that last decade go? A few days ago I received a Christmas card from the folks at Nyon council with a lovely bird’s eye view of a snowy Nyon and the numbers 2020 in large letters emblazened on the front. It was not a prompt of a council meeting that will take place at twenty past eight at night, but a sudden reminder that in a few days time we will be moving, not just into a New Year but a new decade. Apologies for the corny joke, you couldn’t really expect anything else. It was inevitable after more than ten years of writing for this newspaper and p...