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Living in Nyon: Food, Glorious Food

La blogueuse Catherine Nelson Pollard partage ses réflexions sur la nourriture après un détour par le château de Prangins.

10 mai 2019, 15:00
Catherine Nelson Pollard, blogueuse.

There’s an interesting exhibition on at the château of Prangins at the moment called À Table! What does Switzerland Eat? and it asks the question, “What’s bubbling away in the cooking pots of Homo Helveticus?”.

I went to the château a few days ago to have a look at the exhibition. One of the first things I read is that Switzerland doesn’t really have a national dish, rather that “chaque region possède ses propres plats et spécialités” and the country cooks by canton.

Amongst the displays there’s a section showing the varieties of apples that we can eat today, along with a map showing the route of how the apple originally arrived in Switzerland (from Almaty, via Istanbul, Athens, Pompeii and finally Berne). There’s also a small “butcher’s shop” that is completely made out of wool. Everything in it has been knitted by the famous Madame Tricot, from mincemeat and...

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