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Living in Nyon: hair despair

La blogueuse Catherine Nelson Pollard nous parle de catastrophe capillaire en temps de coronavirus.

24 avr. 2020, 15:00
Catherine Nelson Pollard est arrivée à Nyon il y a presque 20 ans. Elle y a lancé un blog et y raconte, en anglais, les beautés de la région.

«I am jealous», a friend said to me on the phone this week. I had just explained to her that on the 27th April, there would be a slight easing of the lockdown measures in Switzerland; and from that date, hairdressers could re-open again. My friend lives in the UK and wailed, “I desperately need a haircut. I look like a shaggy sheep dog”. Of course she’s not the only one who has to put up with long locks during the lock down, even Federal Councillors are not immune.

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