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Living in Nyon: Mixing up Les Mots in Morges

La blogueuse Catherine Nelson Pollard partage son amour des mots.

07 sept. 2018, 14:56
Catherine Nelson Pollard, blogueuse.

Le Livre sur les quais took place in Morges last weekend. On the Saturday I went along with other writers to hear debates by authors from around the world. In the early evening our group then moved on to a cozy bar in the town. As we were looking at the drinks list, one of the writers said she wanted a glass of Merlot but couldn’t see any. She called the waiter; he showed her all the wines that were listed at the very back of the menu and ended by saying, “Le red wine, c’est derrière”. At this, we all smiled, as lovers of words, this was a marvellous mixing up of mots in French and English.

The intent of the waiter in Morges that day was to amuse with his words but just the week before, I thought I was being serious in a conversation yet ended up...

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