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Living in Nyon: The Writing is on the Wall

La blogueuse Catherine Nelson Pollard partage ses réflexions concernant les graffitis.

05 avr. 2019, 15:54
Catherine Nelson Pollard, blogueuse.

I have been noticing some witty graffiti recently. I particularly liked the following multi-lingual example, which found its way into my social media feed last week. The original melancholic message was “Life is Pain”. Below it, some wit had added, “au chocolat”.

There was also one, of a sign on the door of a warehouse, which announced: “This door is alarmed from 18:00 to 19:00” Someone had scrawled the words underneath, “The rest of the time it tries to calm down”.

Another famous example in English is “Bill Stickers will be prosecuted” (it’s a warning not to put up unauthorised posters on a wall, I guess the equivalent in French would be “Affichage intérdit” etc). The perfect response to “Bill Stickers will be prosecuted” has long been annotated with “Bill Stickers is innocent!”

Bill Stickers is innocent.

I’m not the biggest fan of graffiti and there do seem to...

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