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Living in Nyon: Permission to be Impolite

Dans le billet de la blogueuse de Living in Nyon s'invite un virus qui fait beaucoup parler de lui ces derniers temps. Et qui chamboulent les bonnes manières.

06 mars 2020, 15:51
Catherine Nelson Pollard est arrivée à Nyon il y a presque 20 ans. Elle y a lancé un blog et y raconte, en anglais, les beautés de la région.

Well, my goodness me. It has taken me years to get over my British reticence and become accustomed to the Swiss tradition of greeting people by kissing them three times on the cheeks. And now, when I am completely used to the “trois bises”, it’s announced that kissing or even shaking hands with other people is currently not recommended right now. But it’s hard to pull back and simply acknowledge the other person by just nodding. It seems so impolite.

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